Fox-Eyes and Soap Brows and Reverse Contour

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Join us in this makeup tutorial as we unveil the secrets to achieving a foxy cat eye makeup look, perfectly tailored for your wide-set eyes. Discover the power of eyeliner placement for lengthening or bringing those eyes closer together. We'll also delve into shaping and filling the brows, adding matte eyeshadow, and a touch of bronzer for subtle definition. Get ready to elevate your natural beauty with ease.

Meet Your Instructor

Vanity Makeup

Ani Goulayan, also known as Vanity Makeup has been in the beauty industry for many years. Her passion began from simple drawings using oil pastels. Most of her experience as a makeup artist comes from working on photoshoots and teaching herself. She has been doing makeup for 15+ years, and teaching in person courses since 2015. Ani wants to share her knowledge with the world by offering an online makeup course that can benefit anyone who wants to learn about makeup.